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how ABout thE BluEonE是什么意思

how about the blue one? 那蓝色的怎么样? how about 英 [hau əˈbaut] 美 [haʊ əˈbaʊt] 词典 …怎么样,…怎么办 怎么样; 如何; 怎样 1 Are your products and services competitive? How about marketing? 你们的...

在前面出现过同类的东西是可以用……one 比如:——I don`t like the black T-shirt. ——what a about the white one? ——我不喜欢黑色的T-恤。 ——那白色的呢?

1.这个蓝色的怎么样? 2.嗯,它多少钱? 3.额,我会考虑一下。仍然谢谢你

Baby the skies ll be bluefor all my lifeMe and you and you and meNo matter how they toss the diceIt had to bethe only one for meis you and ...

可以。 可以换成 What do you think of the blue one ? 或者How do you like the blue one. 祝你开心。

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