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英语翻译:ThE CritiCAl point wAs thAt, in thE p


通读并透彻理解原文。翻译之前仔细研读原文,解决好“翻译什么”的问题。边读 边琢磨,确切理解原文所述事物本身的含义与之相关的外延联想,如原句的中心意思是什么,有没有褒贬义或寓意,对其中的修饰语的把握等。 组织语言。考生要根据上下文的...

其实这句话应该指的是一个实验的一项指标,At one o' clock in the afternoon, something reached critical pointed. 改用critical point 当主词,用被动语态。

Choice in My Life In our daily lives, we have many choices to make: what to eat for supper, what clothes to wear, what to do on weekends… At certain times in our lives, we need to make more critical choices, such as which schoo...

n recent years,the‘haze’ and‘PM2.5’are quite frequently apparent in Chinese media. As a big international city,Beijing was troubled by this bad weather for many years ,Yet it has gravely diminished Beijing's international image...

都对,在英语口语中,并不细分。 可以简略的说成——In my point (view)

critical point 英[ˈkritikəl pɔint] 美[ˈkrɪtɪkəl pɔɪnt] [释义] 临界点; 紧要关头; [例句]You broke through the critical point? Is this the end of your nice family game? 突破临界点啦?快...

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