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求英语帝帮助,这几句话怎么翻译英语?不打不相识 No discord,no concord. XX typewriter ad;贤妻良母 Be a good wife and devoted mother. XX washing machi

跪求英语帝帮忙翻译!!!逐句对译如下:The islands are easily accessible from Zhuhai City, as well as Macau and Hong Kong cities once the new

求英语帝帮忙翻译一篇英语短文Have the obligation to protect the environment.Now, because the human abuses of cut denudation and emissions of pollutants.T

求英语帝帮忙翻译!!!回答:英语帝来了 港口的南部应该被一个分开的“鱼码头”占用,并且一个“类鱼市”(类似鱼市场的意思)应该在这里建立,当地


跪求英语帝帮忙翻译三句英语!!!should be planned and designed with less adverse environmental impact than appear to have been the case until now.未来的度假

求英语帝帮翻译成一段英文good relationship with my roommates.I expect life will be more wonderful tomorrow!把你说的大概翻译了一下。希望对你有用。

求英语帝 帮忙翻译下楼上明显是某翻译工具:孔卡→the hole card Since the Hengda Football Club entered in Guangzhou Medicine and the Chinese Super

求英语帝帮忙翻译 翻译的漂亮一点在我眼睛里面你看不到你有多重要么? 一首英文歌 LOVE

求英语帝帮忙翻译一下回答:In life there are manypaintingimage,find,refine,summarize,draw themon the canvas,this is thepainting of theemotion

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